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A new beginning story

body care ritual


Using dozens of labels such as natural, vegan, cruelty-free, eco-responsible, organic, recycled, chemical-free… we are actually trying to express our desire to preserve ourselves, protecting the world around us - our cradle, where we were born and we raise our children. There is no exact name for this aspiration. We dress it in words, definitions, metaphors, sometimes appropriate and sometimes not. In fact, it doesn't matter what we call it, the important thing is to keep it alive.

To strive to create and use products close to mother nature and with respect for it. To realize what we are causing her and the time it will take for her to heal the wounds we have inflicted. And with each of his actions, no matter how insignificant and small it may seem to us - like an empty package of shower gel in the trash, for example. 

Today, the use of cosmetics generates billions of tons of non-recyclable waste. That is why small gestures to pay attention to the packaging of the products we buy are so important.

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